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Expanding Employee Snack Options With Vending Machines

Vending machines

The history of vending machines ranges from the simple machines that dispense food and candy for your pocket change, to renting dvds and games, selling electronics, and even life insurance policies. In the not too distant past, cigarettes could be found in vending machines. Currently, most people are familiar with the food vending machines that seem to make up most of the vending machine market. Employers are now finding that vending machines at work can provide a gentle boost to worker productivity employees recharge with a quick snack or beverage.

Are you interested in adding vending services for your employees? You can find a vending machine service by performing some simple online research. The quickest resource may actually be the old phone directories, but there are definitely all kinds of online resources that list providers and reviews of their service to help you sort through them. You can review the feedback and comments listed on the review sites to understand what kind of service obligations they have and how frequently they stock machines. Look for both consumer oriented and trade association sponsored websites for this kind of comparison and ratings.

Depending on your choice to buy vending machines, or to contract with an existing vneding service for your machines, analyzing the customer service issues that are reported will help insure your satisfaction. Usually these comments, both good and bad can be combined with research from the companies websites to assemble enough information to select the right vending services.

If you are still stuck, it will be significantly easier if you do the background research on their process for servicing machines and understand their refill schedules. This data lets you get a good picture of the types of snacks and beverages that they recommend and what other opportunities you might test in vending machines at work. You can take all of your research and confirm it with an initial proposal. This will also allow you to see how the installation might take place.

Finally, as you evaluate vending services you should look at their options for accepting different forms of payment. For example, some machines can accept credit and debit cards in addition to traditional coins and bills. There are some that even integrate with company swipe cards. Sometimes these types of conveniences are as valuable as any other observation in choosing which vending machines at work to use.

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