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The Average Worker Needs Portable Scanning

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Do you consider yourself an average American worker? If you do, then you should know that you lose about an hour and a half everyday, or 40 hours per year, in lost productivity searching for lost or misplaced items and documents. The Wall Street Journal says this is because since we are all so busy, our desks and offices are just messes of unorganized and lost documents. Here is another mind blowing statistic for you! The typical enterprise with 1,000 workers wastes anywhere from six to twelve million annually searching for nonexistent information, failing to find information, or recreating all of this information.

In the technological age that we are in, there has become merely no use for printed documents. We are always on our smart phones, tablets, and computers, so why should we have to open up a folder or binder and look at a piece of paper? I’m not saying that you should not keep hard copy of important info, but there is no need to make copies of these hard copies when we have such technology available to us.

Something like a scanner is a perfect excuse not to have tons and tons of printed material! You can literally take a hard copy of something and scan it into a computer one time, then from there in just a couple clicks you can make copy after copy, send it through email, save it to a flash, etc. Once a document is made into a digital file, the option are endless, and guess what? Now your desk will not have so many papers on it that you do not need and you can have room for your coffee so you do not have to stain important information with your mug.

Scanners are not just those giant things on top of the over sized printer in your office building, they come in all different useful ways now. There are portable scanners, laptop scanners, and there are even business card scanners now! You can scan some documents right from your smartphone. What is the point of wasting paper, just stop!

Researchers have show that the average office employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year. So much for going Green people! Portable scanners are not only good for people on the go, they are good to use anywhere. Portable scanners allows us to create a digital filing system, which will increase our productivity as well as our efficiency of business world and everyday life.

They say that the cloud computing industry will reach up to $100 billion by 2014, and although this is amazing, everyone else needs to follow this technological step forward as well. Its not just about being productive, its about our environment too! Lets stop wasting trees just to print documents that we could easily just open up and view on any of our laptops, tablets, or smartphones. It just makes more sense. More like this article.


  1. Yes oh my god, I absolutely love it. I love being able to scan a product at the store and find where I can buy it for cheaper! and its just fun to use!

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