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Camouflage Doesn’t Isn’t Only for the Military and Hunting Here Are Some Great Everyday Uses for Camouflage

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Camouflage has historically been used as a method for making objects and individuals hard to see, or disguising them as something else. During the 19th century, as the accuracy and power of firearms increased among warfare, camouflage was first developed for military purposes. The use of camouflage saw an increase in use during Word War Two, as the American military developed different patters to adequately disguise American military. More modernly, shades of tan patters were used among camouflage in the Gulf War, and in the United States, hunters rely on camouflage clothing to disguise themselves from game while hunting.

Interestingly enough, camouflage has transitioned into modern fashion and has been popularized in many categories. According to Time Magazine, camo clothing first became popular in the United States in the 1980s and has since influenced a number of other styles from camouflage truck accessories to even camouflage comforters and other camo bedding materials. The style isn’t for everyone, but for those who have a history or interest with the military and hunting, camouflage styled clothing, accessories and bedding is quite suitable. For example, a camouflage comforter can add the perfect touch to a hunting or military themed bedroom, especially for kids.

Some military families have even used camo formal wedding dresses and suits to accompany a military themed wedding. A military themed wedding is a great theme that is fitting for married couples involved with the military, Everything from camo wedding cakes to camo wedding invitations can be used to make the wedding unique and fun. Check out this site for more.

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