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Get IRS Debt Relief and Emotional Relief by Obtaining Professional Help with Back Taxes

Stop wage garnishment

Americans have been paying income taxes to the U.S. Government ever since they won their freedom from England. Even during the Civil War, wage earners had to pay a 3 percent tax rate if they made from $600 to $10,000. When you can’t pay your taxes you can get pretty uncomfortable and start living in fear of what the IRS can do to you today.

However, nothing sends a person running to an IRS debt relief service than getting a notice that an employer has been ordered by the IRS to take a part of their paycheck to pay for their back taxes. If you need back tax help you can get the help you need to stop IRS wage garnishment. Going for IRS debt relief services is also a good way to remove a tax lien from off of your property. You’ll also get an emotional relief in knowing that you won’t have to deal with the IRS yourself.

Back taxes help is a service provided by tax attorneys and tax resolution firms today. There is no need to live with wage garnishments and tax liens when you can go to professionals and find back tax relief. Tax penalty abatement is another service provided by firms that offer IRS debt relief. You won’t have to try to hide from the IRS anymore too. Doing nothing when you owe back taxes is the worst thing to do.

The most common way to challenge the IRS on penalties is the tax abatement process. A IRS debt relief company can also help with filing an “offer in compromise” or OIC. If an OIC is made the tax payer must pay and up front 20 percent cash payment on their offer and a one time non refundable payment of $150. These requirements became effective on July 15, 2006. All offers for settlement are to be based on DATL, or doubt as to liability. You must also provide statements about not having an opportunity to dispute your tax liabilities previous to the OIC.

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