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What Is In Your Mailbox?

Business postcards

Postcards have come a long way since they were first used. Theodore Hook, the writer, sent the first ever picture postcard in the mail to himself in 1940. But the first souvenir postcard that was made in the U.S in 1893 and was distributed to promote Chicago’s hosting of the World’s Colombian Expo. Now postcard printing is widespread across every industry and are received daily in almost every home across America.

In terms of ROI, direct advertising campaigns are very valuable because it presents customer with a clear call to action. And custom postcard printing and mailing is much more affordable thank the printing of formal envelopes and paperwork. And direct mail postcards are more affordable to mail as well. That is why customized postcards have become so popular in recent years. Business postcards such as from a medical clinic, grocery store, ore even a realty office, and widely distributed to every house within a range of zip codes, affordably placing an advertisement directly in every home.

Real estate postcards seem to be the most widespread in my neighborhood. I get real estate post cards from competing realtors, I get real estate postcards advertising homes for sale, and I get real estate postcards asking me if I want to refinance my existing home. It is a very popular mode of advertising.

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