Legal Careers to Pursue With a General Law Degree – Law Terminology

They negotiate sales agreements as well as mortgages, schedule inspections, and handle deals. Because real estate involves lots of paperwork, it’s essential to know the legal aspects.
Legislative Assistant

Legislative assistants play a crucial function in the legislative process. Assisting legislators and staff by providing research, analysis, and policy advice in addition to drafting and communicating on legislative matters and providing support. Their work affects the state and local governments’ public policies, budgeting, as well as evaluation of programs. Legislative assistants also work closely with staff members and legislators to assist them in preparing for committee meetings, helping them at hearings and debates writing testimony. Most times, they act as liaisons between lawmakers and the outside group. They could also be point people for constituents with questions about the legislation.

Political Affairs Officer

Jobs as a Political Affairs Officer are ideal for students who are looking to take a break from in the classroom, and develop relationships with different levels of government. In the changing political environment you will gain invaluable knowledge dealing with state, federal, and local officials. Politicians are able to communicate with and offer advice government officials based on their political environment. They also get information from watching the news, and identifying the changes in policy and communicate with government officials.

Analyst in the Policy field

An analyst in policy works in transportation, finance, defense, as well as healthcare. They are responsible for conducting research and analysis of data as well as developing solutions that will enhance existing policies and laws. Based on their findings, policy analysts propose changes to existing guidelines and policies for their employers.


It takes years to study law and other related topics in order to obtain an overall law degree. An attorney could be lawyer.


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