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This is essential because it extends your unit’s lifespan and reduces the frequency of repairs to your air conditioner. Your home is able to be kept in tip-top shape with tiny chores like cleaning the air ducts, changing your filters, keeping your coils clean, setting your thermostatand heating and cooling cleaning. Making changes to your filter is important because it keeps your unit functioning at its best. By regularly replacing the filter, it ensures that your AC does not have to work longer. Otherwise, a dirty or clogged filter will increase the burden on your system. Changing your filters doesn’t take time and fits perfectly on your list of things you need to complete to freshen up your home with tiny chores.

Cleaning your filter and caching it is important, but it’s equally important to keep your coils in good condition. This prevents the unit from working as hard as it’s required. One of the most important things to remember is to not use an electric pressure washer because it can damage the components. You can trim any shrubbery when you’re doing this to ensure that your unit has room. If you’re still looking for additional small chores to enhance the performance of your AC then you could adjust your thermostat to ensure your unit has less work to do during the time you’re away. It is also possible to check the vents and close any gaps to avoid air leaks that affect the efficiency of your system.

Get your Roof Clean

Cleaning your roof helps to enhance the appearance of your home while also keeping more serious problems from developing. It can help improve the potential value for resales of your property when it’s combined with actions like engaging roofing experts for quick repairs to your roof. The roof’s surface can gather dirt and debris from the elements, which can encourage the development and growth of moss. The problem is that the moss and the lichen may trap moisture, which could compromise the strength of your roofing. This is why it’s crucial to take care to wash your roof, eliminating any dirt or


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