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ments are often portrayed in media to be dull places to be in, and only in the black and white. It is not necessarily have to be so. It should never be the case. If you think about it, the dull atmosphere could rub off on your workers’ work hours. But the workplace that is lively can boost productivity, wellbeing and helps in problem-solving. In this clip, you are going to get more information about office decorating practices.

Hang pictures up on walls. It is a great idea hanging pictures from company events of people having great time. This will help build trust and encourage people to be friends. You could also create a collage of your nearby places. This is entirely up to you as well as your own personal tastes. However, the placement of these pictures is crucial. They should be no more than 57 inches above the ground. This height places them at an average eye height. They’re simple to recognize and easy to recognize. They look less attractive when viewed from a distance, if they’re higher or lower.


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