What to do Before a FUE Transplant – Dt W News

You are in the best position to explore the world. There are steps that you need to take before the FUE transplant. Here’s a look at what you should do.

In the beginning, it is important to know that your hair needs to be cut before your transplant. The person who performs the transplant will perform it for you. The doctor will most likely want to take photographs before and after the procedure. The opportunity to take these photos will be taken away if you had your hair cut.

If you are going to receive the FUE, you need to quit drinking alcohol. The alcohol can interact poorly with other medicines you’ll have to take. When you are scheduled for operation, you should talk with your doctor about the time you need to stop taking alcohol.

Then, make sure you eat breakfast the day before the operation. It’s important to eat meals in the early morning prior to your surgery.

The bottom line is that an FUE transplant is an excellent option for those suffering from hair loss. If you are interested in this procedure, remember the following facts.


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