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Reflective Running Gear is Crucial to the Safety of Runners

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According to USA Today, 70,000 Americans are struck every year by a car. Many of these people are simply walking to work. Others are construction workers setting up construction cones near their work zone. While recent statistics show that pedestrian injuries due to motor vehicle crashes are dropping, they have not nearly dropped enough. Luckily, traffic safety gear is available to help speed the process along.

Some of the most important pieces of work safety equipment for those on the roads are the 3M 8511 N95 Particulate Respirator and 3M respirator cartridges. The respirator itself helps to provide protection against particular non-oil based particles that can be dangerous to human health. The 3M Organic Vapor Cartridge 6001 NIOSH is approved against certain vapors that can also have disastrous effects on human health. Other common pieces of worker related traffic safety apparel include E-A-R ear plugs. These ear plugs come in a variety of design options, offering great protection for the ears at a variety of workplaces.

Luckily, traffic safety supplies do not stop at industrial ear plugs for our workers. Indeed, many items, like reflective running gear, are now available to help protect the nearly 25 million Americans, according to the American Running Association, who run on a daily basis.

Improved Safety for Runners

Reflective running gear is designed with the singular purpose of making runners more visible to other pedestrians, to bikers, and to automobile drivers. Anyone who has ever spent anytime running outside knows just how dangerous the road can be. Near collision experiences, slips, and damaging falls can occur at the drop of a hat. Reflective running gear helps to reduce many of these issues.

Improved Safety for Drivers

Of course, it is not as though drivers mean to drive into runners, workers, or anyone else on the road. Accidents happen, and, frankly, runners who choose the pitch black of night to run without protective gear are putting themselves at risk. Reflective running gear, whether it is a vest or anklets, makes runners visible so that drivers can be more sure of themselves on the road.

Traffic safety equipment, like industrial earplugs, Bullard hard hats, and high visibility jackets all improve the safety of American workers when they are helping to keep our cities and towns looking great. However, reflective running gear for all Americans, runners or otherwise, is equally important in keeping our people, and our streets, safe.

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