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Stick With the Experts in Device Management


If current trends are any indication, investing in device management software could be an incredibly smart move. According to Juniper Research, the number of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that are employee owned and used in a work capacity will more than double in 2014, passing 350 million, up from almost 150 million this year. The best company for mobile device management software could help anyone make sure that they are well protected from the hazards that come with mobile devices.

Today in the U.S., a full 25 percent of internet users only access the internet from some kind of mobile device. By 2014, business use of smartphones is expected to top 62 percent . Because of this, companies will need to invest in some kind of device management software in order to stay competitive. Companies that do not start implementing BYOD (bring your own device) policies could find themselves slipping behind the competitors. Now that mobile ad spending is predicted to pass $20.6 billion by the year 2015, the evidence is overwhelming that staying ahead of the curve is the right thing to do.

Another thing that device management software providers could assist with is cloud computing. Cloud based providers for mobile management are typically able to offer services that are faster, more affordable, and much more scalable than services on premises.

Companies that invest in high quality device management will be able to make sure that all info related to work is safe and sound, even if a device goes missing. Companies that rely on sensitive information being carried around should not have to worry about it being stolen or hacked. A device management company could be the answer.


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