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Why You May Need Tax Relief Help Now

Tax debt settlement

If you owe the government anywhere from ten thousand dollars to twenty five thousand dollars in taxes or back taxes, get professional tax relief help. It could help reduce back taxes or at least set you on a path toward paying down your tax debt through effective back tax relief. Plus, it could right any wrongs that have occurred whether they were done by you or the IRS employee, who may or may not have fully understood the law or the facts surrounding your specific tax case.

In getting professional tax relief help, you avoid Irs garnishment of wages, which involves the IRS taking a portion of whatever you have earned via your employer and using that money to go directly toward paying down debt. You additionally can help avoid piling Irs tax debt via the charges and penalties you amass by not paying off this debt during the intended timeframe. You also avoid spending any lengthy amount of time poring through IRS and federal tax documents, which could cause so many headaches that they could effectively make your head spin right off your neck.

In getting back tax help, you additionally have trusted resources to call upon when things get hairy or scary. You have lots to worry about in life, and taxes should not be one of them. Rather than stay up at night worrying whether you will go to jail for not having the financial capacity to afford paying down your debt, get professional tax relief help. There are most certainly lots of things you can do to prevent paying the full amount of taxes that you owe, and you get this advice from trusted tax experts who have been serving taxpayers like you since 1913, when the Constitution’s 16th Amendment made income taxes permanent fixtures to the U.S. tax system.

For instance, you can submit a letter via the government’s Offer in Compromise program, or OIC, which allows you should you qualify to negotiate a different settlement amount with the IRS that of course is less than what you owe. Doing this alone could be too time consuming, but with professional tax relief help the time is slashed dramatically. As another example, you could file an offer that is entirely based on theories as to doubt as to liability, or DATL, which must first establish that you have not up to this point had a chance to dispute the tax amount that you owe. These represent just two of the myriad ways you can fight the government and the IRS by getting tax relief help.

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