The History of the Sherman Act – Boston Equator

In the early 1800s, et.

If your business is one that is competitive, the rates will stay low and there’ll be less skewed distribution of services and needs. Monopolies make it so one company is in control of the market, and then jacks up the prices simply because they’re able to do so.

In 1890 In 1890, The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was passed and made having a trust, monopoly or cartel which is getting out of the way of free competition unlawful. The government could break up the monopoly to encourage fair competition in the industry.

The Act was not an instant achievement since the Act was first used to defame unions and to break their ties for ten years. Another theory is that the government of the republic wanted to ensure that profits from corporations were flowing by raising prices. These huge tariffs protected us from foreign competition but still lacked looking within our own government and economy. For more information on the history of this, watch the entirety of the video!


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