What Drill Pipe Storage Products Should You Invest In? – Blogging Information

The drill pipe is the primary component of your drilling process and it’s important to ensure that they’re protected from corrosion as well as any damages that could happen to them. This video will show you the most efficient storage equipment that every drilling firm should possess along with bumper rings for protecting pipe.

It is vital to ensure that your drill pipes from touching one another when you are storing them. If they dotouch, they’ll start to get corroded, and can come out with numerous injuries, such as dents. Pipe chocks are crucial investment for any drilling business. Pipe chocks keep pipes from rubbing and becoming loose. They also keep drill pipes of rubbing one another and causing damage. It will allow you to save a lot on your costs and avoid the headache that comes with moving pipes.

Go through this whole video to learn all about the different drill pipe storage products you need to invest in. are essential for any drilling firm.


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