How Do Staffing Agencies Work – Small Business Magazine


It can cut down on both time and money by locating well-qualified potential candidates. What is the process for these hiring agencies? In this short video, we will go over the hiring process for agencies.

A staffing firm acts as a facilitator between employees and employers and helps match skilled job seekers with businesses with current job openings. The markup charged by staffing agencies typically ranges between 25% and 100% of the wages payed to employees. A lot of small-scale businesses struggle to find qualified talent. The process of interviewing candidates, reviewing applicants as well as negotiating salary negotiations can take up valuable time and could be detrimental to the firm’s finances. This is why some companies partner with agencies that staff, and can take the time and effort off of finding people to fill positions by supplying employees for vacant roles. If you need additional staff think about using a hiring agency to help fill the vacant jobs. The majority of staffing agencies take care of all documentation related to hiring new employees including payments, taxes, and contracts. They allow you to concentrate on other things but still ensure that you have great applicants to get started.

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