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Take a Seat on a Designer Piece of Furniture

Noguchi coffee table

Often times, we take our living room furniture for granted. We go out, buy what looks good or feels good, but never really take the time or invest thought into what works for our lifestyles or even consider what life was like before the comforts of modern living room furniture. It’s time we take a long, hard look at how the furniture we love has had a major impact in our lives, providing us comfort and style while providing atmosphere in the rooms in which we lounge.

After all, replica furniture is more than just something to rest or sit upon, or a place to put our belongings. The furniture that we choose for our home or office is also part of the decor. Colors, styles and types of furniture have a huge impact on the feel of a room. The ancient Chinese understood the necessity of having a living or working space that felt good for the mind, body and soul. They called this feng shui and for thousands of years, the art of making a space feel good has been practiced by millions of people.

Since chairs, such as the Eames loung chair, are more than simply objects that people sit on, and desks are more than just a place to work, many companies and designers have provided the masses with scores of styles and types in an array of shapes and colors. There are a wide variety of designer chairs for sale and other replica furniture at most furniture retailers. The Eames loung chair, a style of designer chair that made its television debut in 1956 on the Arlene Francis Home show.

Other popular choices in seating and replica furniture include ghost dining chairs. These transparent beauties are quite popular for homeowners that want to make a fun statement. Ghost chairs can also come in a host of tinted hues that blend into any surrounding. The furniture market in the United States accounts for approximately 63 million dollars in revenue each year. Much of these sales come from designer furniture such as the Eames loung chair. In addition to designer chairs such as the Eames loung chair, sofas, dining room tables and other pieces of furniture, designer coffee tables, end tables and accent pieces are big sellers as well.

One popular style, the noguchi coffee table, features a base that is made up of two curved wooden pieces and a glass top. Another example of fine replica furniture is the Tolix stool and various seating lines. These chairs are comprised of galvanized sheet metal that embody household comfort. These chairs are rustproof, stackable and hearty. They were conceived by Xavier Pauchard in the late 1920s and found their place inside factories, offices and hospitals, as well as outside, on cafe terraces and in public locations.

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