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How Can You Make Your Living Room Fresh Again? Three Tips

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Did you know that the living room replaced the front parlour that was common in Victorian era homes? This would be the room that home owners entertained guests. The rise of the living room led to the end of the more formal parlour. Today, the living room is the focus of both family and guest entertainment. For this reason, making sure the decor in this room is fresh and lively is important; it will often be the room you or your visitors will be spending the most time in. Looking for ways to update this space? Here are three design tips to help.

1. Leather Ottomans

The ottoman is a useful and attractive piece that can serve several functions. Although it is sometimes used as a footrest for chair seating, more frequently it serves as a casual, backless chair. Because it takes up less place than a traditional armchair and can be moved easily, this is an ideal furniture piece for high traffic locations like the living room. Many ottomans have removable tops, and function dually as a storage area. Leather, or fabric ottomans? Both can work well for your space; leather might be preferred for its rich appearance and longevity, however.

2. Wall Art for Living Rooms

We’ve all seen ugly living room artwork in the home of a friend or relative; no one wants to point it out, but everyone is wondering what led to that purchase decision. There are several important elements to consider when it comes to selecting wall art for living rooms. You want something that fits the space; if it’s a piece hanging over a sofa, you want it to be large and rectangular, not small and square. Abstract art is always popular; look for pieces that incorporate patterns, colors, or other design elements of your living room so that it doesn’t feel like a standalone entity.

3. Living Room Area Rugs

Rugs can be a strong decor addition to any living room. You want to look for a rug that frames the space appropriately. Chairs or couches are often placed along the edges of the rug, rather than completely within it, in order to break up the hard edges of the rectangular or square shape. Low pile rugs are usually ideal; they will capture less dirt, and add an elegant touch to living spaces. If your room is largely devoid of patterns, this is a good way to incorporate florals or other designs.

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