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Don’t Risk Your Life With Inferior Tires

Off road tires

The average size of a mechanic’s tool box can be up to six feet tall. Each of us depends on automotive professionals to keep our cars running safely and dependably, yet most make less than $15 per hour. Despite their relatively low wages, they provide some of the most important services in the developed world. While engine repair, break repair, and transmission repair are critical maintenance procedures, none of us should ever overlook our tires.

When you’re cruising the expressway at 70 miles-per-hour, the only thing between you and the pavement is the rubber on your tires. Whether you’re using Good Year tires, Dunlop tires, or extra-wide off road tires, it’s always wise to purchase the best set you can afford. Sure, discount tires can do the job, but the first time you encounter rain, snow, or ice, you will quickly learn the difference between a poor tread design and a superior one.

Other than your engine, which is the most expensive part of your vehicle, one can argue that your tires are equally important. While you won’t get anywhere without your engine, you won’t get any farther without some decent rubber tread underneath you.

As winter is just around the corner, motorists who live in snowy regions should be thinking about the condition of their tires. Conveniently, today’s advanced all terrain tires have rendered studded snow tires nearly obsolete. However, that is only the case if you invest in a reputable brand like Good Year tires. Regardless of what a tire salesperson tells you, any company can claim their tires are “all terrain” or “all-season” radials, when, in reality, they will barely handle the slightest amount rain water on the road’s surface.

The bottom line is if you want to save money, choose another way, because there is simply too much at stake to compromise on safety. When you decide on a $49.99 budget tire with free balancing and installation, that is exactly what you’re doing — you are sacrificing he safety of your family to save a buck.

If sliding around corners and spinning at intersections is your idea of a good time, by all means, go ahead and buy a mediocre tire. In reality, though, there is much more at risk for you and your loved ones than a little spinning of the tires. Because in poor driving conditions, it takes only the slightest failure in tire traction to cause a tire to leave the road; and any time all four tires aren’t gripping the road, the risks for your car becoming airborne increase exponentially.

The best quality tires feature state-of-the-art tread designs, which are so advanced that each tire will grip the road under the most treacherous driving conditions. Even if you drive safely, you never know when you might have to make a risky defensive driving maneuver, or when black ice might lie ahead. If either of these occurs, you will be glad you have a good quality set of Good Year tires beneath you. Read more like this.

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