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The Invaluable Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

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Did you know that the first picture postcard was sent in 1940 by writer Theodore Hook? In addition, the magazine subscription card was created by Lester Wunderman, who is considered to be the father of contemporary direct marketing. Direct mail marketing began as a popular way for businesses to stay connected with their customers, and it still continues to be an effective way for companies to advertise today.

Direct mail postcards have high response rates. In fact, direct mailing postcards have an average response rate of 3.40%, while email marketing generates a response rate of only 0.12%. In addition, direct mail campaigns are able to track the number of potential customers that responded to a clear call-to-action, which is valuable in terms of ROI, or return on investment. Although direct mail advertising can be an effective way to market, direct mailing companies are often needed to utilize this strategy successfully.

In order for your postcard to make a lasting impression on its recipients, it must grab their attention as soon as they look at it. Not only should your customized postcards be clear, concise, and creative, but they should also be designed around the specific demographic you are targeting, as well. It can often be difficult to come up with a suitable design, though, so direct mailing companies are available to create an attention-grabbing design for you.

Although direct mail marketing is sometimes seen as antiquated, it still continues to be an effective way for companies to advertise. This form of marketing has a relatively high response rate and ROI, and direct mailing companies are available to help you construct an attention-grabbing design. By effectively utilizing direct mail marketing, your company will experience all the benefits associated with its use. Find out more about this topic here.

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