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Modern interior design is defined by clean, straight lines and an uncluttered, polished look. It’s the opposite of traditional interior design with its ornate, antique furniture and embellishments. Although the terms modern interior design and contemporary interior design are often used interchangeably, there is a difference between the two and when looking for interior home design ideas, it’s important to know the difference between the two. Architectural design firms specializing in home interior design remodeling can help homeowners learn the difference and achieve the results they desire.

Contemporary design means having the most modern, trendy looks that are currently in style. This interior design refers to the specific geometrical, crisp line style called modern. Modern style may also be a part of a current look or trend lends to some confusion about the difference between modern and contemporary design styles.

Modern interior design style began in 1919 with European designers and architects that started the Bauhaus School of Design in Germany. The group had a philosophy that stated form should combine function with interior design. Thus, industrial materials, such as glass, metal and others were used to create furniture and used as part of interior home design ideas.

Modern interior home design ideas draw on the uncluttered, geometric architectural features of Japanese house interior design. This style of design means that space is not simply empty, but rather a functional space in its sparsity. Furniture as an example of this home design idea can be used for a dual purpose. That is, it can be used for aesthetic appeal and function. A table in the center of the room is not just a table to be used for eating or holding objects, but rather as a focal piece that draws the viewer in.

Those who work in the fields of design, such as architectural designers have a strong sense of knowing what works in a room, or home, and what doesn’t. They understand what is contemporary and what is modern and where things should be positioned or how something should be used within a space. Those who live in architecturally designed homes must also have a strong sense of the value of contemporary and modern design styles so that they can expand on interior home design ideas with the architect.

Form and function are predominant themes in homes with modern and contemporary designed interiors. By working with interior design firms Norfolk residents can have the space they have always desired while achieving architectural greatness. Read this for more:

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