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Are You Feeding Your Dog Dangerous Food? Three Facts Every Dog Owner Should Know

Dog food coupon

Did you know that about 33% of dog owners will leave messages on answering machines or talk to their dogs on the phone, while they are away? It’s easy to see that the majority of pet owners care deeply about their animals. It’s no secret, either, that one of the keys to better dog health is the food you feed it. Unlike human food, though, it’s often a lot more difficult to figure out what is and isn’t healthy in the dog food world. Here are three facts about dog food you should know.

1. Healthy Dog Biscuits

Often used as a treat for good behavior, the dog biscuit was invented in 1860 by James Pratt. An Ohio salesman, he was visiting London when he noticed British sailors throwing hard tack, or flour biscuits, to their dogs. Inspired, he started the first dog biscuit company. Healthy dog treats should have ingredients like rolled oats, fresh fruits, vegetables, flax seed, or peanut butter, whether you are buying them or making them. Avoid dairy, chocolate and sugar; these are not good for your dog.

2. Avoid Dangerous Dog Food Ingredients

There are two sources for dangerous dog food. One is the food you buy; the other is the food you accidentally give your dog. Did you know that onions, chocolate, macadamia nuts, raisins and grapes can be potentially life threatening? Many home owners unknowingly feed their dog these foods as scraps, though even small amounts can often lead to seizures. The other source of danger is recalled or unsafe pet food. Purina, for example, has just recalled one of their products for adult dogs because of potential salmonella exposure. Several months ago, similar salmonella recalls occurred for Eukanuba and Iams.

3. High Quality Dog Food is Better

If you get the best dog food for your pet, it is going to live longer, and likely have fewer health problems. Animals fed lower grade feed are often more susceptible to obesity, since the lower nutrient food has to be fed in larger quantities for animals to get all the vitamins they require. is one site you can visit to get a list of the top dog foods, based on qualities like ingredients quality, the fat-to-protein ratio, and more. Dog food coupons can often help you out on costs. Pedigree dog food coupons, for example, are available on many websites.

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