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Three Reasons to Invest in Internet Marketing Experts

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According to Internet World Stats, 2.4 billion people were using the internet around the world as of June 2012. That number has only grown in the 13 months since. According to bit-tech, internet usage matched that of television as of August 2007. The fact is that people now spend more time on the web than the tube. With this monumental shift in consumer attentions, businesses need to shift their focus to an effective internet marketing strategy. Not sold? Here are three stats to prove the importance of web advertising offered by internet marketing experts.

  1. Organic Searches Matter
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    42% of people using web searches, like Googgle, click on the top-ranking link. According to Search Engine Journal, at least 70% of people ignore sponsored links altogether. Consumers are not stupid. They know that sites with organically high rankings earned those spots through quality. Internet marketing services know how to utilize keywords, effective web design ideas, and quality content creation to get your business those coveted rankings.

  3. Blogging Equals Traffic
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    Companies that blog generate 55% more traffic than those that do not. Frequent blogging is a great way for small, local businesses to increase user engagement and improve their web ranking. One thing all businesses need to keep in mind is that quality should always be emphasized over quantity. Internet marketing experts know that Google now penalizes companies making use of mass produced fodder for their site traffic. Make your blog useful and informative to readers. If you do not know how, then find an internet marketing company that does. After all, as HubSpot points out, companies blogging six to eight times a month can expect to double their inbound leads.

  5. Convenience, Value Equal Usage
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    There are a number of contributing factors beyond keyword usage that predict high or low quality leads. The time of day or week, geographical origin, presentation, and desktop versus mobile use are all indicators. Businesses can use these predictors to their advantage. For example, uploading photography featuring your business to web review sites will likely grow traffic as users are drawn in by graphic-based presentation.

    You should also consider two things. Firstly, according to Streetwise Media, 75% of mobile users prefer websites that are mobile friendly. This means if your website is clumsy, thereby incovenient, and does not offer mobile users quick access, they will not be using your page for long. Secondly, you need to place an emphasis on quality content. Especially for mobile users, immediately accessible, informative content is key. As Inbound Writer points out, 61% of people prefer websites that produce quality custom content. If you cannot do these two things for your customers, find an internet marketing expert who can.

The numbers do not lie. Making use of effective search engine marketing services can grow your business in a huge way. Through blogging, organic web ranking, and a mobile-optimized website you can start seeing a lot more web traffic. On the flip-side, doing nothing will get you nowhere. What are you waiting for? More can be found here.

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