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Marketing is an ancient art. It is hard to say just how long ago it was that marketing became a primary method of growing a business, but we can hazard a guess that as long as civilization and commerce have been around, so too has marketing. Although it may not have been true in the past when cultures were more centralized, we do know now that brand recognition plays a large role in the effectiveness of any marketing plan. Ask any nine year old what the big yellow “M” is, and they will tell you that those golden arches signal happy meals in the near future. If your brand is not as instantly recognizable, then you may want to consider a brand marketing agency to help you and your company achieve greater success in the marketplace.

The year 1867 marks the earliest recorded billboard rental, but since then advertising and marketing have taken the internet and mobile device markets by storm. A Pew Internet and American life Project study found that 90% of people who own a smartphone will use it to check their email and browse the web. What those other 10% are doing with their smartphones is a mystery to me, but when it comes to marketing we are focusing on targeted populations and majorities. This statistic indicates a healthy market and a promising rationale for using mobile optimized, creative, interactive, and robust content to encourage these smartphone users to visit both your website and your store.

The beautiful thing about any brand marketing plan is that it should be flexible to cross different media and reach as many people as possible. Be sure that your brand consultant is prepared to do that. Between 1995 and 1997 was when search engines sch as Yahoo, AltaVista, and began to be targeted for search marketing. Now Google, Bing, and scores of others have joined the search engine market. When choosing a marketing consultant be sure that they have thoughts on which search engines to target.

Brandconsulting with a franchise consultant or a brand marketing agency will help you to optimize your brand for mobile, internet, and other media. Franchise marketing would be especially helpful though if you are looking to move your organization into a franchise model. A brand consultant will be able to tell you which marketing strategies are going to be most helpful for your particular business model.

In most cases, the brand marketing agency will meet with your own team of marketers. Did you know that 90% of all marketers are likely already employing content marketing even if they are unaware of it. The brand consulting group will advise your team on how to do it purposefully and effectively. Choose a brand consultant soon to get started!


  1. How much do these consultants cost? we are on a tight budget and I am wondering if it would not be more cost effective to just get a brand marketing for dummies book or something.

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