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Keep Those Needles Away From Me! And Other Misconceptions About Traditional Chinese Medicine

Eastern acupuncturist seattle

I know what you are thinking, and you are incorrect. Acupuncture is not fake, it is not made up to scam people, it is not pointless and useless. Our society has somehow been raised to believe that any method of Eastern medicine is clearly bunk. Which is not the case. At all. Do you think anyone in the East could have lived this long, and that Eastern medicine could have lasted this long (thousands of years, mind you), if it were not an effective and efficient form of medicine?

Just like our Western medicine, chemicals and radiation and terrible things for your body, there are times when Eastern medicine does not, and cannot help, but the success rate is just as high as our modern medicine. In fact, rather than immediately turning to a pill, a chemical, a caustic substance that helps your body in one area but hurts it in another, why not try something more natural and tried and true? Something like acupuncture can possibly help with weight management, treatment for shoulder pain, treatment for fatigue, treatment for anxiety, or even treatment of back pain.

How can acupuncture help as a treatment for neck pain? Well, in I Ching acupuncture, it is not about placing the needle in the site of the pain. It is believed that that can actually exacerbate the pain. Instead, the needles are inserted down the meridian from the pain. The whole point (pun only minorly intended) of I Ching acupuncture is to get the flow of Qi rolling through the body again, so that everything is balanced and makes you happy and feeling like a million yuan. Once your treatment for neck pain is done, you will feel like a new person, and never doubt Eastern medicine again. More research here.


  1. why not just do physical therapy? that can get you the same, if not better, results, without sticking you with tons of needles.

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