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The Field of Sales Can Be a Tough Sea to Navigate

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It might be a surprise to know that, according to market research, only 20 percent of sales leads are ever followed up. Recruiting firms screen and place sales representatives with companies as they manage the entire hiring process from start to finish. Expectations set for sales people are high by many companies so it is important that the representatives be comfortable using technology and, in some cases, designing their own presentations. Sales recruiters make it much easier for companies who find it challenging and tedious to finding the best individuals to fit in with their mission, culture and industry. A candidates suitability for a job is usually assessed by looking for relevant skills, knowledge, aptitude, qualifications and educational or job related experience. There are quite a few sales and recruiting jobs out there that can easily be filled by the help from the best recruiting firms available.

A great way to fill sales and recruiting jobs, recruiting agencies who handle the process for hiring sales reps have a streamlined, efficient and proven process that offers qualified and capable individuals with an opportunity to make the most out of the situation. This can be done through assessment tests, checking of ones references or even just by conducting a simple interview. Typically, the best sales jobs will be offered to those with prior sales experience but, in the end, it will all come down to the type of personality and ability the candidate has at the time of interview. Companies looking for more highly qualified applicants will usually inform the recruiter of specific requirements they would like met in order to qualify for their open sales and recruiting jobs. Research more like this:


  1. taking the time to think about sales, I cant see myself ever being good at it. I hate telling people what to do, forcing things on people

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