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Before mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) became available to the public, people used a simple notepad and pencil to keep notes during classes in college. A college lecture is full of information that students need to write down in order to absorb more of the lecture after class has expired. Today, it is common to see people carrying around smart phones and tablets, especially if you visit a college. Taking notes with a smart phone or tablet is a convenient way to keep up with a lecture in class. If you are looking for the best note taking app for college, you are in luck.

Free note taking apps provide a level of convenience and organization that college students can appreciate. Simplifying your college life is easier than you think. The best note taking app for college will depend on your personal preferences. Furthermore, you will need to pay attention to compatibility because of all the different operating systems and devices that are available on the market. If you are using an Android based smart phone or tablet, you will need to look for the best note taking app for college that is compatible with the Android operating system. Those using iPads or iPhones for note taking will need the best apps for note taking that are compatible with the iOS operating system.

In addition to college students using note taking apps, medical professionals also use note taking apps for Android devices. Reading reviews is a smart move if you want to see what other people are saying about note taking applications for smart phones and tablets. If you prefer using a pen for taking notes, you can use an application that provides you the ability to use a pen for your tablet device. Those who prefer using a touch screen keyboard for taking notes during class have plenty of options to choose from as well. The best note taking app for college helps students become more organized during their college years.
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