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The beauty of freshwater pearl necklaces

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Freshwater pearls are pearls that are cultured and harvested from freshwater mussels. They are therefore as real as the traditional pearls. Similarly fresh water pearls come in varied shapes, colors and sizes. This is why you can see several collections of fresh water pearl engagement rings, fresh water pearl wedding rings and freshwater pearl necklaces from jewelry shops. In the last couple of years, fresh water pearl jewelry, including Tahitian pearl jewelry is gaining popularity among women because of the new designs that have come about and because of the improvements in quality. In terms of quality of the gem, some freshwater pearls have the same quality and can be quite expensive. These are the ones made from the triangle shell species. Then there are also several round and shinny class of freshwater pearls that have been cultured in the 90s that offer almost the same quality and value as the traditional pearls or the salt water pearls.

Now, if you are looking for beautiful freshwater pearl necklaces, you really have wide range of options. First, when it comes to the price, you can choose between the more affordable freshwater pearl necklaces and the more expensive ones. Or you can choose a less expensive freshwater pearl that is set in a more expensive gems and stones. Second, you can also choose from a variety of designs. Since freshwater pearls come in different sized, shapes and color, you will see that there are different styles or designs for freshwater pearl necklaces. You can therefore choose the more traditional style or the casual ones depending on what you need or depending on your personal style and preferences.

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