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How the Portable Scanner Will Help Solve Office Bureacracies


A portable scanner will change the way people do business. And it has the potential to change the world for the better. According to the Wall Street Journal, the average worker loses as many as 1.5 hours per day to searching for lost and misplaced items from messy desks and files.

To reduce this lost time, employees are increasingly turning to portable scanners, laptop scanners and digital filing systems and maybe investing in a business card scanner and business card reader as well.

A portable scanner allows American workers to forgo losing time searching a cluttered desk by putting the system in a digital storage system instead. The fact that many small businesses think that digital storage is a worthwhile investment is reflected in the numbers. In 2014, CRN predicts that small business spending on cloud computing will hit 100 billion USD. According to SandHill approximately half of the businesses using this technology did so because they felt that it increased business agility.

But having a portable scanner is beginning to provide other benefits as well. If records are electronic, it means that more employees can be offsite and access information through the company intranet. This enables small businesses to save money on facility overhead.

It will also save on the cost of office supplies. 1.019 trillion documents are printed, copied or faxed every year, according to the most accurate estimates, but when documents can be scanned emailed and read on a Kindle or iPad, that number will fall toward zero, though it may never reach it.

The portable scanner is one necessary tool for bringing this world about. It may be some time before the full potential of available technology is fully realized, but, if nothing else, it might save workers the trouble of spending hours every week looking for that lost memo or contract.

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