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Three great reasons to enjoy the wonderful world of hummus

Hummus nutrition

Hummus has been enjoyed around the world by various cultures for centuries. Only recently, has it begun to enjoy widespread popularity in the United States. Composed primarily of mashed chickpeas, tahini, salt and other ingredients, hummus could prove to be an amazing treat for anyone looking for a healthy alternative to other more traditional snack foods. There are several ways that hummus could be extraordinarily beneficial to anyone that chooses to make it a part of their regular diet.

Hummus can be a great source of many valuable nutrients. It can provide healthy amounts of iron, dietary fiber and folate, as well as healthy amounts of vitamins C and B6. Those that may be interested in taking on a vegetarian or vegan diet may want to consider this delicious treat because it can also be a good source of protein, which is traditionally lost when one cuts meat out of their diet.

This timeless treat can also be a great way to help ones children eat a little bit healthier at school. Instead of sending them off each day with chips, cookies or a pudding snack, parents could send them off with hummus and some healthy natural chips to dip it in. Every parent wants to make sure that their children are given all the proper nutrients during their key developmental years, and serving them hummus as a snack could prove to be a delicious way to go about it!

Hummus could also be a great way to spice up ones dinners or dinner parties. This timeless chickpea based treat can easily be blended into many different meals, from breakfast and lunch to various dinner recipes of all styles. It could also serve as a tasty appetizer for those entertaining guests for an evening. No matter what kind of food one may normally like or how often they enjoy cooking at home, hummus could be a great way to broaden ones palate while at the same time eating healthier than ever before.

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