What Constitutes a Dental Emergency? – Dentist Lifestyle

And painful experiences. The cause of dental emergencies is individuals who struggle with maintaining their dental health. Our staff are aware of the possibility that life may become a burden.

Dental emergencies include cavities or other problems that create pain, for instance, abscesses. Abscesses can be described as bacterial infections that can be identified by the presence of pus pockets in the area around the tooth. Infections of this sort are serious and can lead to the problem of sepsis, where the infections spread to the bloodstream of the individual and may cause severe illness or even death.

Another problem that could cause an emergency visit to the dentist of your family is the case of a tooth that becomes loose, or completely out of its socket. When a tooth has been removed, it is best to keep it within milk, and not in water until a dentist arrives to examine the area. In the past, an emergency dental situation is one that is recognized by all the personnel who work at McCordsville Family Dentistry. Our staff will be there for patients suffering from discomfort or other issues that could be related to emergency care.


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