How Fire Sprinkler Systems Work – Venezuela Today

The creation and setting up process of the automatic fire sprinkler system is done in compliance with standards of safety in the areas where that they’re installed in. Take a look at how fire sprinklers function.

The fire sprinkler is made with the body of a threaded steel connected to pipes, as well as a valve that repels water. Temperature rises that are high build into a large amount of pressure inside the system that shatters a bulb within the system which opens the valve and allows an even distribution of water droplets in a specific pattern over the fire.

There are many types of sprinkler heads. Each can be used to handle different temperatures for operation as well as fire risk. Different types of hazards need different sprinkler system. It is vital to ensure that the sprinkler system is matched to the appropriate environment. The majority of fatalities in accidents involving fire has involved the breathing of heat or toxic gases, rather than in direct contact with flames.

There are more information about the function of fire sprinkler systems in the video we have linked.


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