The Almighty Power of Catholic Charity – Family Budgeting


And the most in need poor and vulnerable United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands. The purpose of Catholic Charity is to help the poor by providing basic necessities such as food, clothing shelter, medical care, education, job training as well as other social assistance. Catholic Charity operates more than 300 programs both locally and internationally. This includes emergency help in family support, as well as child welfare. In recognition of their outstanding service, Catholic Charity has been recognized by the federal government. It was awarded the Secretary’s Award from the Department of Health and Human Services for its efforts in reducing infant mortality within families of low-income.

Catholic Charity also has received several awards for its ingenuity and innovative programmes and services. In 2008, for instance, it received an award from the National Association of Social Workers’ Outstanding Service Award for its involvement with homeless teens. The mission of Catholic Charity is to serve the community by providing programs to promote human dignity and respect for those who are vulnerable and in need. Catholic Charity is supported by private foundations, public institutions, private individuals, and corporate. The majority of their funds come from grants from the government.

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