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is a reliable source of power that can be used in industries. This video shows how you can keep your Kohler generator and the procedures you must take to make sure it runs at its best.


Check the water level
The filter’s water needs to be removed.
Check the fuel filter and flush it out as required.
Every year, you should replace the oil filter each year.
Examine the vents in the tank to be sure that there’s no obstructions


Oil for the engine keeps it running smoothly, and hence it is essential to test the oil each month. Make sure the oil has been filled at a point that the stick says “Add”. Kohler suggests changing the filter and oil often for optimal performance.


Check the temperature of your block heater, and replace it once a month. Make sure to refill the cooling system once every two years by using suggested fluids.


The exhaust should be inspected for foreign particles and maintain the monthly check. Inspect the other components of the generator – electric and engine in order to protect yourself. Aside from the above, keeping records for monthly or annually scheduled maintenance is required. Make sure that you complete the maintenance for your generator on a particular date. 24sacvvb6z.

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