Installing Veneer Stone Easily! – NC Pool Supply

You can place omes on the fireplace, siding or on the walkway. The accents of stone veneers can enhance the appearance of your home and boost its value. Although veneer stone installation seems like it would be a ton of work however, it’s really simple if you’ve got the appropriate tools. This video shows you how to put in beautiful veneer stone step-by-step.

After you’ve chosen the style of stone you’d like to use, arrange your stones to form the desired pattern on the ground. Mixing and matching to finally get to the exact size of the wall that you’re covering may take a while until you are at the point where you can tell exactly how much stone you will need. The mortar scratch coat is applied over a waterproof sheet as well as a mesh, creating the perfect surface to place your stones. Apply the veneer mortar to mark the wall and then apply stones to it. Add about one inch more mortar for additional strength. Following this tutorial, you will have a veneer stone wall accent quickly!


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