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Electronic cigarette

It is no secret that cigarette smoking is bad for people’s health. Tobacco use can cause damage to the lungs, throat, mouth, stomach, pancreas, cervix, kidneys, bladder, and the ovaries. Smoking is responsible for 87% of lung cancer deaths. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women. Unfortunately, despite all of the dangers that smoking poses, 43.8 million adults in the United States report smoking cigarettes.

Part of the reason that so many people continue to smoke cigarettes is because it is so difficult to quit smoking. Thankfully, there is now an easier way to quit smoking. Many people are beginning to use electronic cigarettes, also called nicotine vaporizers.

Electronic cigarettes work by using a heating element to vaporize a liquid solution, called “vape juice.” Once the liquid solution is heated, it produces a vapor that can be inhaled just like a regular cigarette. However, rather than giving off smoke as a by product, it gives off a harmless water vapor. This allows electronic cigarettes to be smoked indoors and other places where there are smoking bans.

One of the advantages of the electronic cigarettes is that, while the liquid solution contains nicotine, the addictive ingredient in cigarettes, they do not contain many of these other carcinogens and toxins also found in cigarettes. This has led many to call electronic cigarettes a healthier alternative to smoking. However, it should be noted that more studies are needed on the long term health effects of electronic cigarettes.

Another advantage of electronic cigarettes is that they are reusable and can be recharged. This helps to save smokers money. If you want to learn more about electronic cigarettes and vape juice, search online. Continue reading here.

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