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Keep Water Damage under Control with Good Remediation

Flood water damage repair

Have heavy rains, or even snowmelt left you feeling a bit too much like Noah, and in desperate need of flood water damage repair? Home water damage can be one of the most persistent problems to solve, if it is not initially treated correctly.

So what should a good homeowner do when faced with flood water damage?

In the event that your home is hit by flood water damage, everything from wall hung paintings, to furniture, and especially those carpets should be treated. How those items are treated, is the real trick. Flood water damage repair begins with aerating the home. Not only should industrial fans, be used to push out potentially pathogenic and humid air, but dehumidifiers should also be employed. Then everything must be cleaned and dried. Flood water can cause wallboards to disintegrate, floor boards to warp, dirt to spread and mold to grow. If certain areas are too far gone be remediated, they will need to be replaced. This is often the case when floor boards or walls are damaged.

So far all of these remedies are operating under the assumption that the water rose, as opposed to dripped. If the root a water problem is not flooding, but dripping, then remediation needs to start from the top down. Here is where a bad situation can get tricky. If leaks entered through poor roofing, then both the area of roof and insulation should be replaced. Following

All of this said, what if your Cincinnati water damage restoration turns out to be too big of a problem for you to handle alone?

When getting the fans out, pulling up the rug, and fixing it yourself fails, call in the water damage experts. These professionals know water damage will often result in more than a standing puddle. In fact, water damage can lead to larger issues, like ceiling, wall, or floor repair and even mold removal.

Mold can be one of the most dangerous aspect so water damage remediation. When inhaled stachybotrys chartarum, also known as a greenish black mold, can cause respiratory problems, asthma, irritations of the eyes, nose and throat and sinus congestion. Even worse is the fact that improper attempts to fix a mold problem may only succeed in spreading it around.

Water damage companies have certified mold remediators on staff, who can handle this unwelcome situation. Flood water damage repair professionals know that mold can come from more than one place. In some cases water may not be the cause of mold, but its presence acts to exacerbate an existing problem. Mold spores can enter a home through open ventilation ducts, doorways, windows and air conditioning systems with outdoor intakes.

If your flood water damage repair task is too large to handle on your own ask around. If you do need to contract help, ask at least three contractors for consultations and quotes to pinpoint the cost of of mold remediation and other side effects of water damage.

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