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Crucial Information About Residential Water Damage

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Did you know that there were more than 362,000 residential fires in the United States during 2010? Although the flames from any kind of blaze or conflagration can be damaging and deadly, smoke and water damage can often be just as damaging. Actually, the second most common insurance claim filed by American homeowners is related to water damage.

Although extensive flames cause the most immediate and obvious type of fire damage, water damage can be far more damaging than it may initially appear. Actually, if water damage is left untreated by a thorough and professional mold remediation process, it can lead to the development of toxic black mold. On the other hand, hiring a leading residential mold remediation service can prevent further water damage from occurring.

Even if a lack of early water damage cleanup results in the development of black mold, experienced mold remediation companies can still provide homeowners with mold removal and fire and water damage restoration. However, the longer homeowners wait to contact a top fire damage restoration service the more extensive the damage will become. This will result not only in a greater expense, but increase the risk that family members will suffer from black mold symptoms.

Black mold health risks are simply too high for homeowners to take any chances. Thus, enlisting the services of a good water damage restoration company can circumvent the development of black mold. Although the mold remediation process may be unnecessary immediately after a fire, cleaning water damage right away will keep it that way.

Of course, it doesn’t take fireman battling a blaze to cause significant water damage, because even a small one-eighth-inch crack in a pipe can lead result in 250 gallons of water lost per day. Where does that water end up? It ends up in the floors, walls, and ceiling of your home. If left undetected, it will result in black mold that can be harmful to people with asthma and other respiratory problems, as well as to pregnant women.

The only way to eliminate the dangers of black mold and to permanently repair water damage is to hire a leading water damage and mold remediation service. The bottom line is the mold remediation process will keep your home dry, and your family safe from the threat of toxic black mold.


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