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Are You a Small Business Owner Struggling to Market Your Company?

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Is your small business failing to get the attention it needs to survive on the worldwide web? Web commerce, a business that recently broke $1 trillion in global sales, according to eMarketer, represents a brand new frontier for businesses, big and small, looking to increase their profit margin. However, not every business has the talent or the financial resources to implement effective SEO techniques by themselves.

This is especially true of small businesses in the U.S.. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 3.6 million American small businesses operate with only one to four employees. More likely than not, none of those employees has what it takes to make search engine optimization a priority and a reality. For this reason, firms specializing in small business SEO are a breath of fresh air to many American entrepreneurs.

How Small Business SEO Services Help

  • Demographic Focused Marketing
  • The secret to any successful marketing scheme, including the best SEO campaign, is to know your target. This will allow you to draft content that speaks to your consumers. Take for example, a social media campaign targeting Google+. 68% of Google+ users are male, with 32% being female. Knowing this, you can focus your social media campaign for this platform on the biggest demographic, thereby opening your business to the biggest results.

  • Local SEO Yields Results
  • Recent statistics show that there are 4.9 billion internet searches a month, or 1,890 per second. One of the largest growing fields in small business SEO is local searches. After all, when people search for a place to eat, they do not want to get search results for choices 100 miles from them. Small business SEO services know how to craft websites and content that is relevant to users in your area, drawing more local attention to your company.

  • Higher Business Conversions
  • Did you know that direct advertising methods, like direct mail and print advertising, only yield a 1.7% lead closing rate? SEO on the other hand has a close rate of 14.6%. Clearly, SEO leads directly to more business partners and sales than traditional, direct methods.

  • Search Engine Visibility
  • 93% of web experiences now begin with a search engine. What are web users looking at in the search results? The top three organically ranked results. Organic results, according to Search Engine Watch, are clicked on exclusively by as much as 80% of web users. Sponsored results are almost completely ignored. Being in the top three is important, but being on the first page is crucial. After all, almost 75% of web users never go past the first page of results. Small business SEO professionals can help improve your ranking.

  • Comprehensive Approach
  • Effective SEO efforts in the modern age cannot be focused on mediocre content. Now, any web marketing campaign has to be comprehensive. It has to consider social media, web ranking, demographics, content marketing, and so much more. In a nutshell, that is what small business SEO can do for your company.

Many are not so thrilled about outsourcing their web marketing efforts. However, since SEO is a scalable service, with costs and services changing based on your specific needs, there is likely an option that fits your ambitions and your financial situation.

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