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Read This Before Selling Sterling Jewelry

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When the economy took a turn for the worst, the precious metal market exploded in such a way that it seemed like everyone was buying gold, as well as platinum and sterling jewelry. People were selling coins, entire collections of baseball cards, comic books, and silver flatware that belonged to their late, great aunt Doris. Nothing seemed to be safe. But, this trend didn’t disappear once the economy began to take a turn for the better. In fact, it just continued to grow.

Where to sell sterling silver jewelry, sell gold, sell estate jewelry or selling coins has become less than a question than if you’re really, actually interested in selling sterling jewelry. Antique jewelry buyers are easy to find, one might even be the receptionist at your dental office and all of them are interested in helping you in selling sterling jewelry. Before you settle on selling sterling jewelry, however, you might want to shop around, it’s not that selling sterling jewelry is a tricky business, you just might find a better price in which selling sterling jewelry might be more of a profit to you. Selling sterling jewelry is not the only thing that’s readily available in your home to sell, however.

Many of the same people who would buy your sterling jewelry also have a tendency to buy rather than sell coins. Collectors of coins are willing to pay a high price for voices of interest. These coins were often only circulated for a brief period of time and have significant history value. It’s believed that around ten billion dollars in change lays around, trapped in the couch cushions of American households and that some of these coins might just be that hidden diamond in the rough. When you consider that the U.S. Mint started producing coins for circulation in 1793, and at that time, they produced 11,178 copper cents, it’s entirely possible one of those little beat up coins might be lodged under your office chair. Coins, however, aren’t like jewelry. They aren’t more valuable when they still look new. Coins are more valuable in their original condition, so the more beat up life has made them, it’s often for the best.

Regardless of what you are looking to sell, there is, without a doubt, a buyer just around the corner.


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