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Save Yourself from the Long Waits and High Costs of Emergency Rooms

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Those who have visited a hospital emergency room recently know that they can be over crowded and understaffed. However, a study conducted by the Rand Corporation in 2010 revealed that around twenty percent of emergency room patients could have been treated competently at urgent care facilities, like urgent care Fremont CA. In fact, if they had done so, the United States would have saved nearly four and a half billion dollars in health care costs that year. Furthermore, the average cost of an urgent care visit is less than 150 dollars, as opposed to around 1500 dollars for the average emergency room visit. As an alternative to long periods of waiting and high costs of care, urgent care Fremont CA, Newark urgent care, and urgent care Milpitas, CA each provide a highly trained medical staff that provides acute medical care.

The staff at Fremont urgent care diagnoses and treats a variety of injuries and conditions that demand immediate treatment. The staffs of the majority of urgent care centers are staffed by a variety of doctors, physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. Those who are unfamiliar with the services provided by urgent care Fremont CA and the other nine thousand urgent care centers throughout the United States, may not be aware that conditions associated with flu, back pain, sprains, sudden rashes, and minor lacerations can be treated at urgent care Fremont CA. In fact, because more and more urgent care facilities are acquiring onsite X ray equipment, broken bones can be treated, as well. For those with non life threatening acute medical conditions, urgent care Fremont CA is the best place to receive fast medical attention.

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