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Machining and the Tool Presetter

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Machine tools today are able to perform the function of clamping down a workpiece while at the same time being able to produce guided movements in the machine’s various parts. A tool presetter helps to get machine tools set up for use. A tool presetter is used to position a tool holder on a surface plate correctly. It holds the cutting insert in place. Tool presetters and tool holders work together as anyone that works in the tool industry knows. In 2010 there were 939,700 people employed in the machining industry.

There are different types of machine tools that a presetter is used with. Take the form tool for instance. The form tool is used a the pattern for the part that is going to be machined. Tool presetters help to get this tool precisely set up before the machining process begins. If you are using a box tool, tool presetters are used to measure where to mount it on the turret lathe or screw machine. Tool presetters range in design complexity from the simple ones used to position a tool on a gauge plate to the super sophisticated models that are for sale that have digital cameras and lasers today as well. Continue reading here.

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