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I Broke My Fridge

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William Cullen at the University of Glasgow is credited with demonstrating the first known artificial refrigeration in 1748, but it was not used for practical purposes. Refrigeration has changed a lot since then and is now an essential part in the life of every modern person. When our refrigeration does not work properly, food and medications can spoil quickly. Recently that happened at my house but luckily I was able to find the best refrigerator repair cincinnati had to offer. There were several options for me by way of Cincinnati appliance repair, but I found a place that was able to get to me within a 24 hours and did the job quickly.

I wish I knew about the best appliance repair Cincinnati had to offer a couple of years ago when my clothing washer broke. Clothing washers are another thing that has come a long way in the last decade or so. The earliest clothes washer was invented in 1874 when William Blackstone made a machine that pulled clothing through soapy water using a peg and gear system, as a birthday gift for his wife. But the first electric washing machine called the Thor was released in 1908. And now the washer has evolved so much that on average, a load of laundry has 16 items and it takes 90 minutes to be washed and dried. And the modern washer keeps Cincinnati appliance parts stores very busy I imagine.

Anyhow, a few years back, I broke my washer. I know that Underwriters Laboratories, a leading organization product safety testing and certification, recommends cleaning out the lint filer after every load to help with energy efficiency and safety but I did not know neglecting to do so could break the machine. So Cincinnati appliance parts store I contacted awhile back was not great with repairs, they were really just a Cincinnati appliance parts store and should not claim to be anything more. I had to wait almost a week for them to show up and it was not worth waiting for.

I will stick with the other place, the original Cincinnati appliance parts store who fixed my fridge, who has been in business for generations and has been doing professional repairs just as long. That Cincinnati appliance parts store does not just have all the appliance parts Cincinnati could ever need, that Cincinnati appliance parts store also has the best repairmen I have ever hired.

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