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Trusting Your Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

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Since felony crimes are punishable by five years or more in prison, and typically are categorized as violent crimes or as non violent crimes, you will want to avoid felony DWI. Most misdemeanors include disorderly conduct, shoplifting, disturbing the peace and a first time DWI offense. Most Texan crimes that involve alcohol and traffic violations or accidents occur to people between the ages of 21 years old in 34 years old. Your Houston criminal defense attorney will try to mitigate the damage of a DWI charge. A Houston criminal defense attorney is not allowed to lie for you, but a Houston criminal defense attorney will provide as strong of a case as they can under the law.

Texas driving under the influence laws including minimum penalty of 72 hours, or three days, of time spent in jail and fines of up to $500. Hiring a DWI attorney Houston has on hand can help you avoid the more severe penalties for driving while intoxicated that exist in Texas. There are criminal attorneys in Houston that will earn their retainer fee through experience. The most reliable criminal attorneys in Houston Texas are typically those with a lot of experience. An experienced criminal defense attorney houston has on hand will know the local judges, as well as the local prosecutors. Understanding which judges, prosecutors and other factors will play into your case is essential. Houston criminal defense attorneys that are new to the job may not be reliable.

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