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The best Houston criminal defense attorney for your case might not necessarily be the finest criminal attorney Houston has to offer for another case. Choosing a criminal attorney in houston texas is about finding experience among a professional within the area of the law you are being charged with violating. Some criminal attorneys in Houston will help you get through violent felonies, while other criminal attorneys in houston texas are excellent at helping clients avoid the most severe penalties that you might face when being charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants. There were 93,533 driving while intoxicated arrests during 2010 in the state of Texas. DWI attorneys can tell you the legal blood alcohol concentration to drive is .08 percent , a figure that indicates about three drinks for a full sized male adult in an hour.

Protecting your legal rights is essential when you face any form of criminal charge, especially at the higher level of felonies where death is a possible punishment or at least several years in prison, compared with the one year or less of prison time usually charged to misdemeanor offenders. While many drug and white collar crimes are considered non violent, they may still be considered felonies. The finest criminal attorney Houston TX provides for DWI cases should be sought when you are charged with this crime. Researching any criminal attorney Houston TX provides is easy online. Learn more about a criminal attorney Houston TX offers before paying his or her retainer fee.

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