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Email Hosting Can Effectively Cut Down on Spam

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The Simpsons television show of all things demonstrates the popularity of email: after Homer Simpson revealed his address to be in a 2003 episode, the email had to be shut down after writers did their best to respond to people but too many emails came in. Millions were sent to Homer, and about 294 billion are sent out every day to people around the world, or about 2.8 million emails each second. Unfortunately, 90 percent are viruses or spam, but it still shows the popularity of email’s use.

To manage spam and promote a stronger way of doing business, companies can use email hosting solutions. For a business with 1,000 employees, upwards of $3 million each year could be spent on managing and preventing spam from entering employees’ computers and email systems. However, with a solid Rochester web design or Rochester web development firm with a very strong sense of quality email hosting solutions, there could be considerable cost savings involved.

Email hosting does more than host an email program, since solid email hosting providers will offer email and also everything from tasks to contacts to calendars to web access too, including of course spam prevention tools. Top providers have platforms as well that are designed for any type of device, spanning from a desktop computer to a mobile device, so customers can access email from wherever and whenever they desire. These email hosting companies are standouts because they cater to clients and have more flexibility.
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