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Drought Resistant Grass

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There are different solutions for landscaping that depend on elements like climate. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to spend a significant amount of money to keep their lawns looking green and healthy in a dry climate. What a lot of homeowners don’t know is there are drought resistant grass seeds that are resistant to dry climates and areas where very little rainfall is experienced. Finding drought resistant grass seed is best accomplished online. Understanding the different types of lawn seed that are available is the first step towards finding the right drought resistant grass.

A lot of lawns that are located in dry areas experience brown spots and patchy growth due to low moisture. Some types of grass actually do well in a dry climate, which gives homeowners and business owners the option to avoid brown spots and patchy growth in their lawns. It’s possible to have lush green grass in areas that are totally dry, and a lot of businesses use a certain type of drought resistant grass to save money on water as well. The amount of water needed to keep a lawn green depends on the type of grass seed that is planted.

Bermuda grass is considered the most drought resistant grass seed available. This type of grass thrives in hot and dry climates without requiring much water. This type of grass also thrives during cold months as well. Zoysia is another type of drought resistant grass, but will experience some yellowing under extreme hot and dry conditions. Tall Fescue grass is also a drought resistant grass that does well in several different types of soil conditions.

If you’re living in a hot and dry region and are wondering why it’s tough to keep your lawn green, you might want to consider trying drought resistant grass like Bermuda, Zoysia, or Tall Fescue. Drought resistant grass is not only good for hot and dry climates, they also require very little maintenance or care. Homeowners will find drought resistant grass easy to take care of. Very little watering and less mowing is required to keep drought resistant grass looking beautiful throughout the year.

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