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What are RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are notifications. They are called feeds because they are fed into software called a feed aggregator. RSS feeds have become popular because they give instant information to an internet user that there has been a change or update in the content of a frequently visited website or blog. Rss feeds contain a short excerpt of the change in the website. The acronym RSS expands to Rich Site Summary. Readers have to go to the website to get the details after reading the brief note in the RSS feed like a blurb of a book that gives potential purchasers an overview of what the book contains. RSS feeds have made getting information easy. Changes and updates on a website are unpredictable. They are updated only when something new has occurred to add to the existing content. Not all updates are interesting to the reader and RSS feeds helps them choose what update they want to learn about in greater detail. Readers are saved of the trouble of visiting their websites daily to check for new updates or changes. They can check the RSS feeds fed into their feed reader and get a brief note on the new occurrence or addition to the existing information. They can make a choice of reading significant or relevant content in detail and avoid unnecessary or uninteresting content. Signing up to receive RSS feeds in a feed reader is easy. Most websites that offer RSS feeds either have a symbol consisting of three orange curves or the letters RSS or XML to show that they send feeds to feed aggregators if required by the reader. Readers can copy the URL of the site and paste it on the feed reader to get RSS feeds delivered to them when available. Readers commonly sign up for RSS feeds to know about new products listed in an ecommerce site updates in newsletters or new editions of newsletters weather forecasts or new items added to a database like new members in a group. The advent of the internet has made life easier in a million ways and RSS feeds are just one of ways by which internet browsing has become easier.

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