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Over the past few years, it has been harder to find jobs and millions of Americans are looking for work. The internet provides a solution for those who are out of work. In fact, working from home online is exploding. Thousands of blogs are created every day, but new bloggers need to pay attention to some simple strategies that are used to receive traffic. For example, bloggers who submit blogs to directories receive more exposure than bloggers who don’t submit blogs to directories.

Competition online is heavily involved with receiving traffic. In order to gain exposure and traffic online, bloggers rely on search engine optimization, social media techniques and other simple strategies. In order to submit blogs to directories effectively, bloggers must first identify which directories are receiving a healthy amount of traffic. In other words, bloggers who submit blogs to directories that aren’t receiving a lot of traffic suffer from poor exposure. It’s important for bloggers to research which directories receive a lot of traffic before taking the time to submit blogs. There are plenty of tools online that bloggers can use to identify popular blog directories.

Blog directories are not the only directories that bloggers can submit blogs too. Simple website directories are also used to drive traffic as well. One thing that all bloggers should keep in mind when they submit blogs to directories is page rank. High page rank directories improve a blog’s overall search engine optimization score. Furthermore, high page rank directories also are typically involved with larger amounts of traffic.

Bloggers have the option of spying on their competitors and other bloggers in order to gain information about which directories to submit blogs to. For example, high page rank blogs are researched to obtained information about back links, page rank and the directories in which the blog is being submitted to. Search engine optimization firms are also involved with promoting a bloggers site through directories. Bloggers are also encouraged to submit blogs to social media networks and other blogging networks as well. All bloggers have the opportunity to make a living from home by simply following a few guidelines used for success.

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