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Feeding the household pet dog healthy dog food is an investment for the long term health and well being of the dog. Dogs are omnivorous creatures but show a marked tendency to enjoy a carnivorous diet. The sharp teeth and digestive system of dogs show that they are as carnivorous as cats. Strays and homeless dogs survive on scraps and other leftover human food but these are not good for the long term health of a household pet.
Many pet owners believe that fresh or freshly cooked dog food is better for the health of their dogs than purchasing packaged food. They either feed their dogs with raw meat or cook fresh meat and vegetables for the benefit of their dogs. Others buy commercially available dog food because they are enriched with vitamins and minerals that are good for the growth and health of the dog.
Commercial dog food products are available in grocery stores specialist pet food stores and on the internet. Some veterinarians stock commercial dog food products in their clinics. Commercial dog food products are available as breed specific and size specific food products. Sometimes vets prescribe specific dog food products for the dog. Commercial dog food products are in the form of dry food and wet food. Some owners prefer dry food because they believe that wet food has more moisture and less protein while others believe that wet food has more protein than dry food.
Dogs have different constitutions just like human beings and have food preferences or suffer allergies just like human beings. Owners should adopt a trial and error method while purchasing dog food for their pet. The two main considerations are that the ingredients should specify the exact type of meat and other ingredients used. The food should be human grade and conform to AAFCO or Association of American Feed Control Officials standards.
Pet owners can help their dogs achieve and maintain long term good health by making a careful choice of commercial dog food before feeding the dog.

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