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Tips to Find Cheap Broadway Tickets

Cheap broadway show tickets

Oh yes, one of the most visited areas of New York City is Broadway. With the lights and excitement of Broadway plays and shows, if you are visiting or even if you are a resident you are drawn to this historic area. More than 12 million people enjoyed Broadway shows in 2012 alone. The Phantom of the Opera is considered the longest running Broadway show in history. Currently, it has presented more than 9,100 performances.

One of the first theaters on Broadway was the Playhouse on Broadway. It opened in lower Manhattan in the 1730s and was situated between Exchange Place and Beaver. Interestingly, there are actually only four theaters that are actually located on Broadway. They are The Marquis on 46th Street, The Palace on 47th Street, The Winter Garden on 50th Street, and finally, the Broadway on 53rd Street.

Due to the popularity of musicals and plays, many people seek out cheap Broadway tickets. Oh, and did you know that Broadway musicals tend to have longer runs than do the Broadway plays? All of these are interesting fact to remember when looking for cheap Broadway tickets.

There are many ways to get last minute Broadway tickets, as well as those cheap Broadway tickets. Whether you are a visitor or a resident, use these tips to find those cheap Broadway tickets.

Visit a Nyc tkts booth. With three New York City locations, you will be able to find cheap Broadway tickets. Note that the Times Square outlet sells only day of performance tickets as part of their Cheap Broadway tickets offerings.

You can obtain discount broadway tickets by purchasing standing room only or rush tickets. You will purchase cheap Broadway tickets directly from the ticket office of the theater just prior to curtain, or the morning of the performance. While these are cheap Broadway tickets, they are standing room only.

Asking your hotel concierge is often a great way to get Broadway tickets for cheap. These people have connections that will allow them to find tickets for just about any Broadway show.

Save money on cheap Broadway tickets and you may be able to enjoy many more shows and plays and get a true Broadway experience.
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